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Choosing Lingerie For Your Boudoir Session with 3 Easy Tips!

Half the fun of shooting your boudoir session is SHOPPING(!!) for some new digs before you shoot 😜 Here are some tips before you head to the store.

1. Choose clothing that fits and flatters! The to this is to get fitted by a professional. Did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size?! A proper fitting bra will shape and lift your girls to perfection and you'll feel even more confident when you strip down. Are you rocking outfits that don't include a bra, such as a one piece or teddy? My suggestion is simply to try everything on before you arrive at my studio. And if you're shopping online, make sure to shop somewhere that offers returns on lingerie if you're not happy with the fit. WANT HELP FIGURING OUT WHAT LINGERIE IS BEST FOR YOUR BODY TYPE?! CLICK HERE!

buffalo boudoir photo studio

2. Bring a variety of outfits in different colors and styles with you to your shoot! I can help you decide what will look best not only on you, but in the studio as well.

3. Get creative with your outfits by adding accessories like strands of pearls, thigh high boots, robes, fishnets, thigh high stockings and a garter belt, your favorite band tee or your honey's favorite jersey. I've had women bring in turntables, guitars, whips and handcuffs, witches hats - literally anything you love can work as a prop! If you're doing a bridal boudoir session, don't forget your veil, wedding shoes and undergarments, garter, jewelry and anything else you're planning to wear on your big day!


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