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I know you’re nervous… and that’s totally natural!  Seriously… it’s more than ok to be nervous about stripping down in front of stranger.  But hey, let’s try this: instead of being a stranger, consider me a friend!

That cheer-you-on-no-matter-what kind of friend.  The kind that lives to make you feel like a million bucks. Now imagine that friend taking your boudoir photos: no biggie, right?!  


My job isn’t just to take sexy photos of you.  It’s to hear you, understand your needs and wants, to be your number one fan… only from there can we work on the sexy stuff : )  


You’re nervous about having your photo taken because you don’t always LOVE photos of you.  But these aren’t just photos of you... this is an experience.  One that will make you feel vulnerable & empowered at the same time. And I promise the resulting photos will be better than you ever expected!  I will pose and guide you every step of the way leaving no questions or doubts in your mind.  

So no more excuses!  Download your brochure below to read more about the experience & to see pricing information.


"I LOVE these!... I had so much fun on Saturday that I didn't really care how the photos turned out but they are better than I ever imagined they could be"  

"Jaimie took all the uncomfortable feelings of having a boudoir photo shoot out of the equation and turned them into CONFIDENCE! She was so professional and made the experience very fun! Her expertise in lighting, posing and photographing resulted in amazing photos that I was excited to share with my husband."



You'll start your day with hair & makeup by a professional stylist to ensure you look your best!  Take this time to relax, get to know us & enjoy some champagne to calm those nerves a bit 😜

Once we start taking your photos I will be posing and guiding you the entire time... I even get into the poses first to show you how it's done.  I'll make sure you know what to do with your face, your hands, etc so you're not feeling lost!

My combination of posing, proper lighting and portrait lenses will make sure your photos are professional model quality!

We'll sit down together to go through all of your photos one hour after your shoot.  You'll choose your favorite images and what products you'd like to display them in!  Your chosen photos will be edited to remove any blemishes, or bruises and soften the skin.  Most products take 2-4 weeks to deliver and you'll also receive a digital copy of each image with copyright release.

This shoot is sure you make you step out of your comfort zone -- but the experience and the resulting photos will be worth any moments of doubt you had!  

You'll see yourself in a new light.. in a new perspective ... & gain a wee bit more #selflove


the New Studio

"I'm so glad I did it because I see myself in the mirror everyday but seeing myself photographed is something completely different and gives a new perspective!"



No really… nothing stresses me out more than having to be in front of the camera 🤣  Which is why I LOVE MY DAMN JOB.

Because I make taking photos easy.  And FUN. And you no longer have to be someone who's stressing about having their photo taken... you can just be yourself and I promise, it will be beautiful :)

My specialty is quickly making you forget all about whatever worries you walk in the door with.  I'll help you show off your genuine personality by making you feel comfortable and like you're just hanging out with an old friend 🤘

Want to make sure I'm the right photographer for you? Read more about me HERE. Or better yet - shoot me a call, text or email and we can chat!



I  got you, babe

- let's get to know each other before your shoot!  You'll be even more comfortable the day of if we meet in person or even chat on the phone prior to your shoot

- we'll also use that time to talk about what you envision for your photos & outfits that will work great to capture that vision

- feel like a pampered queen before we shoot while you have your hair and makeup done and sip some champagne

- once we start shooting have peace of mind as I professionally pose & guide you


Are you ready to do something completely thrilling & out of your comfort zone?! 

Don't worry, I'll make sure it's the experience of a lifetime & that you LOVE your photos!