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Preparing for your Boudoir Session

You've officially booked your Boudoir Session! Woohoo!! Way to go 🙌

You've decided to do something that might be out of your comfort zone, but that will be so rewarding and not to mention a ton of fun.


  • Before you shop, make sure to read my blogHow to Choose Lingerie for your Body Typeif you haven’t already!

  • If you’re shopping online, I suggest over-buying so that you have lots of options to try on and choose from (then you can return those items you don’t like). Make sure to check the return policy as well. Certain online stores (Shein for example) you cannot return lingerie items purchased online

  • Try on all of your outfits at home prior to coming to the studio

  • Remove all tags from your lingerie and shoes

  • Clean the soles of your shoes - the bottoms of your shoes will show in some of your photos

  • If you have any questions or want to run some outfits options by me, please do! You can always email me photos or send them via Facebook or Instagram messenger

  • If you’re considering using only items from my client closet, I highly recommend making a styling appointment before your session where you can come in and try on any outfits you may like to make sure they not only fit you, but that you like them on as much as you like them in photos. If you don’t come in for a styling session, I’d recommend bringing 1-2 outfits of your own that you know fit well and that you like

  • Get enough sleep the night before

  • If you like to wax, do so a couple of days before your session to avoid redness or irritation

  • I recommend getting a salon manicure and pedicure - your hands and feet will show in many of your photos

what to do before your boudoir session


  • Try any new skin products in the days before your shoot - you don’t want to have a reaction to something that will irritate or cause a rash

  • Stress about pimples or bruises - these can (and will) be easily retouched in your final photos

  • Stress eat the night before (to avoid bloating)

  • Worry if you’re on your period… it's completely natural (duh!) and shouldn't affect your photos. If you're worried about being bloated, that's something we can work around with posing and angles!

  • Stay in the sun too long - we don't want you to have a sunburn

  • Apply self tanner

  • For most people, I do NOT recommend getting a spray tan. Your natural skin tone will usually look better in photos. If you get spray tans frequently and know that it looks good on you, then go for it. But this is not the time to try your first ever spray tan!


  • Any outfits and lingerie you're planning to wear

  • Coordinating shoes. I have black shoes in a variety of sizes in the studio if you don't have heels and don't want to go out and buy them

  • Stockings, thigh-highs, fishnets, etc. I have black thigh-highs and a few varieties of fishnets available in the client closet as well

  • Any jewelry you'd like to wear. I also have some bracelets, earrings and long pearls you can use

  • Bridal accessories: your wedding shoes, jewelry, veil, lingerie, garter, etc.


  • Before your arrive - drink plenty of water and eat something light but filling

  • Arrive on time - not too early as I may be with another client and not late as it may cut into your session time

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

  • Wear loose fitting clothing that won't leave lines on your body and a button or zip top so you can take it off without messing up your hair and makeup

  • Bring any outfits that may wrinkle on a hanger

  • Plan something to do after your shoot such as a date night or girls night! You're going to be all glammed up after all 😎 If you're keeping your shoot a secret, simply tell your s.o. you got a free makeover at the mall


  • Please arrive with a clean face and one day dirty hair (unless your hair is very greasy after not washing it for a day)

  • Styling for your hair is big, loose curls, unless you have short hair that cannot be worn that way

  • Your stylist will consult with you on the type of look for your makeup. Feel free to bring any inspo photos on what you'd like done for makeup

  • If you have any blemishes that aren't fully covered by makeup, please don't worry! Those can be easily retouched from your final images

  • We often use false lashes for a dramatic look

buffalo boudoir studio plus size photo

Most of all RELAX and ENJOY the experience!

I can't wait for you to see how much fun it is!!

Haven't booked your Boudoir by Jaimie session yet? Click here for details, to download my brochure and let's get you on my calendar!


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