13 Tips to Maximize Your Wedding Day Timeline (+ 2 sample timelines!)

Your timeline is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day! Without a solid schedule, your day will be chaotic... and you haven't spent all of this time planning only to end up with a topsy-turvy, out of control wedding day did you?!

A concrete timeline will make your life so much easier when everything is running smoothly and you can spend your day enjoying the fact that you just got married and are surrounded by all of your favorite people!

Here are 13 tips to really make the most of your timeline and ensure that nothing knocks you off course (or if it does, you're well prepared).

wedding day timeline tips from Buffalo photographer

Getting Ready

This section will go over the standard times you should allot for each step of the getting ready process

1. Detail shots : 30 minutes. Make sure to have all of your details ready in one spot for when your photographer arrives to ensure this moves along quickly!

  • Dress

  • Veil / hair pieces

  • Shoes

  • Rings (all 3)

  • Garter

  • Bouquet

  • Jewelry

  • Invitation suite

  • Borrowed and blue

  • Cultural items

2. Hair & Make-Up : you should confer with your hairstylist and make up artist for these times as they will vary from person to person depending on what you are having done, how your stylist works, how many people are in your wedding party, etc. Make sure to buffer in some extra time in case this part of the day gets behind schedule.

3. Getting into your dress : 20-30 minutes to get into your dress, put on your veil, jewelry and shoes & add any last minute touches.

I suggest scheduling a time to put your dress on. This gives everyone a set time they need to be ready by, rather than just ‘before the ceremony’ and ensures you have time to take some bridal portraits and photos with your family and friends.

PRO TIP: make sure whoever is helping you into your dress (mom, maid of honor, etc) is dressed before they help you into your gown!