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Can I do boudoir just for myself…?

“Can I do boudoir just for myself… is it weird if I don’t have someone to give the photos to?”

Is a question I get asked often… and makes me want to shout from the rooftop “yes, yes, YES!”

Because that’s what Boudoir should be about… YOU!

As a matter of fact, I tell everybody who tells me that they’re doing this photo shoot as a gift for someone else that, while partially it will be a gift for someone else (i.e. they’ll be getting the photos), It really ends up being a gift for yourself.

plus size boudoir model laying on bed playing with hair

Your morning is spent with a professional stylist glamming you up, sipping some champagne, listening to your favorite music and getting hyped for this amazing experience. Followed by a photo shoot where I just yell at you how beautiful and stunning and radiant and gorgeous you are. I mean, how is that experience not all about you already?!

So if you don’t have someone to give the photos to who cares?!

The whole experience is for you, so why not let the images be too.

Personally, the first boudoir photo shoot I did (as the client, not the photographer) I was so obsessed with the photos that afterwards I honestly didn’t even care if my husband saw them or not.

I kept going back to my gallery scrolling through them and just thinking “holy cow that bad bitch is ME”!!

Long story short, if you want to do a session but I worried that you can’t because you don’t have anyone to share the images with remember you do have someone to share your images with… That someone is fabulous, amazing, gorgeous - YOU!

woman lying on back in fishnet thigh highs lingerie arms overhead

older woman in lingerie putting on lipstick in a mirror


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