Sarah & Jonah celebrate their love at the beach! Beaver Island Wedding

For a place that was packed with people in bathing suits and kids spilling ice cream cones down their bare bellies, Beaver Island State Park provided an enchanting backdrop to Sarah and Jonah's June wedding! It was easy to forget the surrounding chaos while witnessing their traditional jewish ceremony held under a beautiful awning of greenery. The banquet hall was decorated exquisitely with orchids on every table. And my favorite part of the day - we were able to cap the evening off with some alone time for the bride and groom on the beach!

Both Sara and Jonah are teachers in Longmont CO where they live and, coincidentally, were I had lived until moving home to Buffalo shortly before their wedding! Our similarities didn't end there. With our mutual love of doing pretty much anything outdoors, hanging out with these two was a blast! They're wedding was this perfect balance of their free, adventurous spirits and timeless traditions.

If you're looking at these photos and saying "these two are so screamingly, obviously, head over heels in love", then you would be correct. It's hard not to see how sweet they are on each other - and these are just still images! Essentially: these two are awesome, their wedding was perfect and I have the best job ever.

Enjoy your scrolling : )

Beaver Island Park Wedding