Alison & Scott's Autumn Spring Lake Winery Wedding

Spring Lake Winery Wedding

This is one of those weddings that prove that, while blue skies and sunshiney days make for pretty pictures, bare October trees and dark moody clouds are perfect in their own way as well. I love the contrast of Alison's stunning white gown against the backdrop of the late fall evening. This is one of the first weddings I shot when I started my studio and, though I feel like I've grown immensely as a photographer in the 2 wedding seasons since then, the photograph above still remains one of my all time favorite shots.

Alison & Scott made the journey all the way from their home in Virginia in order to celebrate & declare their love in front of all of their family and friends in Western New York. The ceremony took place at the quaint Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron - a church that Scott's ancestors helped build! The Spring Lake Winery reception was filled with good food, laughter and a sweets bar - my personal favorite! These two were such sweethearts overflowing with so much love for one another it was such a treat to be a part of their lovely winery wedding!