Stacy + Jeanette's downtown Buffalo adventures + Hamburg Beach engagement shoot

Are they not the two cutest patoots you've ever seen?! (Disclaimer: I've known Stacy for 16 years now, so I may be a little partial 🤣 ). But seriously... I knew Jeanette & Stacy's engagement session would be a breeze because these two together are pure magic. They're cute, snuggly and constantly showing each other how much they love their best friend and soon-to-be wife! They really made my job easy and I absolutely cannot WAIT for all the adorableness and sweet moments to come on their wedding day next August!

We started our session in downtown Buffalo to take advantage of the many beautiful and boldly colorful murals there. I was set on taking some pics at Misuta Chow's as well since Jeanette is a big pinball enthusiast (they're planning on having a machine at their wedding - how fun!). We almost lost track of time sipping whiskeys at the bar - me and Stacy with our good ol American whiskey and Jeanette with her Japanese whiskey because she's clearly much cooler than both of us lol. But we made it to Hamburg Beach just in time for the gorgeous sunset! Take a look at all the fun we had below!

Guys I still have a few dates available for 2020 weddings and now booking 2021! Message me today for more info on working with me for your big day - I'd love to help you show off your authentic love!

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