Cassie + Jordan's gorgeous fall engagement photos | Chestnut Ridge park + backyard campfire session

The story of Cassie & Jordan's engagement session may be the most entertaining from last fall's string of sessions... because the day we took these photos was not the session we had planned - not the same date, not the same location.

Let me back up.... these two adventurous souls love camping and spending time outdoors together. So we figured what better way to showcase that than with a good ol' autumn hike followed by a campfire.

We made plans to visit Allegany State Park, and Cassie and Jordan reserved a cute little cabin for the night.

We all arrived in Allegany one afternoon and things started off rough... Jordan had forgotten his pants! 🤦‍♀️ So the two of them decided to make a quick trip to Walmart - and that's kind of when shit hit the fan, so to say....

These guys and their poor Jeep hit a deer! (or should I say hit a poor deer.....) Then the Jeep puttered down highway 86 a bit until it died... leaving these guys stranded on the side of the highway!

I went to check on them and their Jeep was leaking and in no shape to drive 😢 While we waited for the tow truck it was obvious we weren't going to be taking their engagement photos that day.

So I threw the 3 of them (Cassie, Jordan and their sweet pup Momo) in my car and we drove the hour and a half back to the Buffalo area so they could scoop up Cassie's car, drive back down to Allegany and at least enjoy the cabin they had rented.

This story doesn't have a bad ending though! On the plus side, I got to spend an extra couple of hours getting to know Cassie and Jordan! And when we rescheduled their shoot for a couple of weeks later the leaves were at peak fall colors and Chestnut Ridge, where we decided to try for round two of their session, was simply gorgeous.

Yay for happy endings! These two are super adorable together and had me laughing the whole session - especially Jordan's off-beat answers to many of my relationship and wedding questions.

Their wedding day is at the end of July and I'm so excited to be a part of it!!!

Now enough chitter chatter... check out all of the beautiful photos we took.

P.S. - Not gonna lie, I’m pretty obsessed with the way Cassie’s hair matches the autumn leaves 😍🍂

fall engagement couple shoot at Chestnut Ridge Orchard Park