Alex & Joe's Engagement Hike to the Eternal Flame | Chestnut Ridge Park NY

I find that the clients I click best with are those that share my love of the great outdoors


I knew Alex, Joe and I would be fast friends the second they asked me if we could hike to the eternal flame at Chestnut Ridge park for their engagement session! #heckyes

Even better/ cuter - Alex brought her momma along since she had never seen the flame! We all had so much fun hiking, telling stories, splashing in the water and laughing our way around Chestnut Ridge.

This session was so much fun!!! And the resulting photos = STUNNING! My favorites are the dark and moody forest photos we took on the way out... or the ones down in gorge... or the splashing in the water ones.... I dunno.... how bout you pick for me? : )

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