10 Wedding Traditions you can Feel Free to Skip

We've entered the 2020s baby and weddings are a whole new ballgame! There are so many traditions no longer coming into play and new 'traditions' starting to become more popular - let's take a look at a few of them!

Remember, your wedding is YOUR DAY. You may have family that disagrees with the idea breaking traditions, but what's most important is that YOU love your wedding!

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1. Bridesmaids/ Groomsmen

Just because you're a women doesn't mean you need to have only women standing next to you on your wedding day and same with men! Mix up your wedding party with men and women on both sides. What's most important is that your favorite people are by your side on your wedding day.

2. Wedding Party

Perhaps you're considering skipping the wedding party all together? That's ok! Take the pressure off of your friends to buy dresses they'll never wear again or rent expensive tuxes. Save yourself some dough on bouquets and styling for your girls. You can still choose to honor those people who would have been in your wedding party by including them in photos or a special dance.

3. Assigned Seating

This one is great because it takes the pressure off of you to create a seating chart! One less thing to do in your wedding planning - woohoo! Let your guests choose where they sit and maybe even skip the formal dinner all together. Instead, have stations with a variety of food out for an hour or two where guests can decide what they want and when they want it.

wedding traditions you can skip assigned seating and dinner time

4. Getting Married on your Wedding Day

This may sound crazy, but every year I have a few couples approach me who are already married or planning to marry before their big wedding with 100+ guests. It takes the stress out of having to do so much in one day and allows you to thoroughly enjoy your nuptials on one day and your party on another.

5. Seeing Each Other for the First Time at your Ceremony

First looks are becoming so popular, more than half of my couples each year opt to do one. If you want the moment your first see each other to be private and/or you want to spend lots of time taking photos without the worry of missing your cocktail hour or being too rushed, I highly recommend this new tradition.

Unsure whether a first look is right for you?