Vicki + Matt's Woodlawn Beach Engagement Session, Hamburg NY

Caaaaaaan you feeeel the loooooove toniiiiight? No seriously... could these two be any more obvious?!

Vicki + Matt love spending time on the beach with their family. So what better backdrop to show off their super sweet love than Woodlawn Beach? Plus beaches are so much fun to play around on - breezes blowing through your hair, getting to walk through warm sand and splash around in the water. Ahhhh.... I wish I was there now!

I love that Vicki and Matt brought the girls along to play while they had their photo shoot... after all these girls love the beach!

To spice things up even more, we experimented with some smoke bombs! These guys are so much fun, I felt they needed some crazy pops of color in some of their photos. Solution: chasing colored smoke around the beach! It may have been a tab bit windy, but we made it work! And the results are hot, hot, hot! ; )

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