3 Reasons Every Woman Needs to do a Boudoir Photo Session Once in Her Life!

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Admit it, you've thought about doing a boudoir session before! Maybe you're thinking a boudoir photo album is a sweet gift for that special someone in your life, or perhaps the thought of stripping down and showing the lens just how radiant and proud you really are sounds enticing.

But, like many women, there may be some excuses floating around in your head on why now isn't the right time for you. I’m here to tell you why you should throw aside those negative thoughts, strip down and show off your seductive side.

1. Let's forget about the end result of your boudoir session for a minute (image gallery, album, etc). The biggest benefit of boudoir photography is the strong feeling of empowerment you get during your shoot - when you strip down, doll up and show off what your momma gave you!

These sessions are not about someone receiving provocative photos of you (bonus for them though, am I right?!). Rather it’s about being in the moment during your shoot, feeling like a goddess, feeling unabashed and downright badass.

The best part is: this photo shoot is entirely about YOU and only you. And perhaps a different side of yourself than you would normally photograph. This beautiful side of you deserves to be preserved in photographs forever!

"I wanted to do this as a gift to my partner, but it ended up being a pretty big gift to myself. I have never really felt sexy, and this experience made me realize all the reasons why, and then realize that those were all nonsense! It was a really positive and empowering experience for me, and I truly appreciate your work."

2. Stop making excuses! Boudoir shoots are for every woman - single, married, size 2, size 22 - because all of those things are just facts about you. And none of those things take away from how sexy you are.

If you’re concerned that you want to lose weight > Working with a professional photographer, they’ll pose you in order to accentuate those things you absolutely love about your body and hide those that don’t. And really, isn't it time to exterminate the self hatred that has been bread into us by society?! Screw all of that 'you have to be a size 2 to look good' bologna, you’re stunning just the way you are!

If you're concerned about bruises or blemishes > Your professional photographer is able to remove any of these things in post-production. Additionally, they should be using portrait lenses that will soften your skin and produce high quality, professional images that look like they should be on the cover of a magazine!

If you're concerned that you don't have anyone to give these photos to > who cares?! This shoot is supposed to be all about you anyways. Do it for yourself. And if the time comes where you have a significant other you want to share your boudoir photos with - great! Now they can see how sexy and confident you were before they even came into the picture!

So put aside those fears of not being 'perfect' - there's a simple trick to taking boudoir photos - As long as you’re feeling fabulous and confident you will look like a million bucks baby!

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3. If all of that isn't enough, in the words of the wise Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford "TREAT YOSELF!". Take this opportunity to pamper yourself - get your hair and make up professionally done, buy new shoes, lingerie and jewelry. Treat yourself like the queen you are!

Plus, you can’t argue it - you simply feel sexier with your clothes off : )

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