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13 Must-Have Getting Ready Photos on your Wedding Day

Having your photographer capture photos while you're getting ready on your wedding day is such a great way to capture not only the details of your wedding style, but they're such a cool behind the scenes look at your lives literally moments before you say "I do"!

If you do opt to have your photographer arrive to shoot some getting ready photos, make sure they check these 13 images off of their list!


1 - Detail photos such as your shoes, jewelry, flowers, invitation suite + more

(for a full list of what details to set aside for your photographer check HERE)

wedding details invitation jewelry brides shoes rings bouquet

2 - Your gown alone + also alongside your bridesmaids’ dresses

dress hanging on front door of childhood parents home - 13 must have getting ready wedding day photos

3 - Reading a letter from your soon-to-be hubby or wifey

bride reading letter from groom

4 - Getting your hair + makeup done

5 - Showing off your silly side with your peeps in your getting ready outfits

bridesmaids pillow fight in robes

6 - Pulling your gown off of the hanger / holding it before you put it on

bride pulling wedding dress off hanger getting ready

7 - Getting buttoned / tied / zipped into your wedding gown by your favorite people

13 must have getting ready photos on your wedding day

8 - That “OMG I just put on my wedding gown!!” face

13 must have getting ready wedding day photos

9 - Dress reveal with your family and/or bride squad

10 - Putting on your jewelry

11 - Putting on your shoes / having them put on by your bestie

12 - Getting your veil put on

bride putting on veil wedding day

13 - Bridal portraits alone + with your family and bride tribe

la esposita bonita wedding venue bridal portrait in suite

Want some tips on how to make sure your Getting Ready photos are stunning?


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