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5 Tips for Stunning Getting Ready Images

So you wanna see those gorgeous getting ready photographs in your own wedding gallery, eh? I don't blame you! Getting ready photos are some of my favorites!

They not only showcase all of your details you worked so hard to put together, but they are a little glimpse into your lives just hours before you officially become the new Mrs. and Mrs., or Mr. and Mr., or Mr. and Mrs! :)

If you want stunning getting ready images, just follow these 5 simple rules outlined below!

bride and mother putting wedding dress on

PREPARE YOUR ROOM - pick a location that is spacious, full of light and reflects your aesthetic

1. Lighting is key! Try to choose a space that has ample natural lighting

2. Keep your space as clean and clutter free as possible. This can be tough when so many people are getting ready in one small space so try to designate a "messy corner" for everyone's excess stuff

5 tips for stunning getting ready photos on your wedding day

wedding dress hanging from castle

3. Gather all of your details in one spot before your photographer arrives so they can get right to work! Take a look at the checklist of items below:

- dress

- shoes

- veil / hairpiece

- perfume

- jewelry

- garter

- invitation suite

- bouquet

- borrowed & blue

- anything special you're wearing or including that day

- cultural items

bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done

4. Avoid a scary situation by packing a Survival Kit:

- sewing kit - deodorant

- safety pins - makeup setting spray

- scissors - eyelash glue

- bobby pins - tissues

- pain reliever - nail file

- tampons - nail clippers

- stain remover - crochet needle if your dress has a lot of buttons

- dress tape - floss

- razor

tips for getting ready photos on your wedding day

5. Timeline tips:

30 minutes // time for your photographer/ videographer to get all of your detail photos (don't forget to have them ready in one spot & check the list above!)

20 - 30 minutes // getting your dress, shoes and veil on plus any last minute details like jewelry, perfume, deodorant, etc

30 minutes // bridal and bride tribe portraits

bridal portrait bride holding bouquet

Comment below or please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your wedding photography consultation!


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