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What do I do with my Boudoir photos?! + Two fun ways to deliver them : )

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You've rocked your boudoir session and are in love with your photos - Great! What now......?

1. First and foremost : the Photo Album! Having a book to flip through and see your amazing photos is the number one product I recommend for boudoir sessions! Most photographers offer an album with your session package, but if you'd like to print your own there are many sites to choose from > Nations Photo Lab and Bridebox are two of my faves!

boudoir gift photo album

2. If you want to SEE your photos all the time (and why wouldn't you?!) > print and frame them baby! Show those stunning photos off with framed or canvas wall art and never forget how amazing you felt and looked in your boudoir photos!

So many people have beautiful artwork hanging in their homes of artistic nudes or boudoir-like images, and they're of complete strangers! Why not display those same images of yourself?! We're all about self-love here at JEP : ) Of course you can always opt for a small framed print on your nightstand or in a personal space that guests most likely will not see.

3. On the other hand, maybe you live with children or have guests over often and don't want anyone else seeing your scantily clad bod. If you're looking to keep your boudoir photos in a more discreet place, I recommend one of our print boxes! They come in a variety of sizes - 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 - and hold prints in the same size. You can either get a handmade wooden box or a lock box that comes with a working key!


1. Play your images in a slideshow that's rolling for your honey when they come home! Hide in another room while they watch and after the show is complete, slowly walk into the room wearing your favorite lingerie from the shoot.

2. Did someone say treasure hunt??! Using your boudoir photos as clue cards and setting it up so each clue is sexier and sexier is surely a way to not disappoint. End the treasure hunt in your bedroom where your significant other finds you wearing the lingerie that was featured in the photos. You can choose to give your album gift before or after umm... 'celebrating' that your s.o. found his/her treasure : )

Boudoir photos make amazing gifts (I think that goes without saying). But you don't just have to do them for someone else! Take these photos for yourself - prove to YOU how much confidence and love you have for your self in body and mind.

Are you ready to book your boudoir session?! Check out our Boudoir Packages to learn more!


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