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5 Tips for Rainy Wedding Portraits that Won't Put a Damper on your Day

Everybody dreads it.... the rainy wedding day! But don't let the rainfall ruin your day or your photos! If the rain just won't quit and it's time to take your wedding party portraits, here are a few tips to keep a smile on your face : )

rainy wedding day tips from Buffalo photographer


1. UMBRELLAS - you don't need one for every member of your bridal party... on large golf umbrella per couple works great for those large group shots. For the bride(s) and groom(s) photos - opt for cute umbrellas like the clear bubble or something fun and colorful!

bride and groom on rainy wedding day

2. CHANGE OF SHOES - grab them galoshes and start puddle hopping! Or not... but at least have them with you so you don't dirty your beautiful wedding day shoes. You can always switch into your pretty shoes at the photo spot and use your rain boots to walk from location to location.

bride and groom in halloween converse


3. TAKE COVER - consider some photo backup locations that offer shelter from the rain such as an awning / covered patio. Or of course you can choose an indoor location as a backup.

bride and groom portrait at Curtiss Hotel downtown Buffalo

4. DIP OUT LATER - if your timeline allows, you and your photographer can dip out of your reception at a later time and hopefully catch some rain-free moments (plus you might catch an epic looking sky!).

moody sky bridal party portrait Timberlodge Akron wedding

5. GOOD VIBES - your attitude toward the situation can determine how your guests and bridal party react as well. So chin up, buttercup! After all, rain on your wedding day is good luck ;

Want to book a wedding photographer that won't shy away in the rain? ; )

Call me to schedule your consultation today 716-361-6507 or click here to send a message!


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