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Family Photo Shoot Ideas | Buffalo NY Portrait Photographer

buffalo ny family portrait photographer

Gone are the days of faded blue backdrops and "awkward" family photos - thank goodness! In its place are family photo shoots filled with genuine laughter, play time and all the warmth and joy (and occasionally the frustration too) that family brings.

This blog post is meant to get your wheels turning on what a family photo shoot can look like for YOU.

But don't let this be the end all be all... use it as a jumping off point to figure out what is special to you and your loved ones.

Here are some ideas for fun family photo sessions:

- a walk in the park

- a picnic in the park

- a trip to your favorite playground

- a family bike ride

- flower/ pumpkin/ apple picking

- a trip to the beach

- playing at an arcade, mini golf, etc.

- going for a walk in the creek

- family fishing adventure


- playing your favorite games

- making a craft/ art project

- snuggles in bed

- cooking/ baking in the kitchen

- building a fort

- playing dress up

- gardening

- jumping on your trampoline

- swimming in your pool

- a birthday cake smash

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