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Get Ready for Blog V2.0

We're baaaaack!! In a slightly tragic turn of events, while switching over to the new website, the original JEP blog was wiped! That's right... three years of wedding posts & travel updates down the drain... But hey, no tears here - this just means we get a fresh start! And a chance to recap some of our favorite moments over the years. So make sure you keep tuning in - we'll be posting a whooooole lot over the next few months trying to catch up before wedding season kicks off! Cuz when you've seen so many beautiful love stories and spent years bouncin around the country seein the sights... it's impossible not to want to share it all with the world!

To get the ball rolling here's a video originally posted in December 2015. Brian and I had just wrapped up 2 weeks on the road racing around seven (7!!!!) national parks. It was the beginning of eight consecutive months spent on the road.... (an adventure you'll surely hear much more about if you keep visiting our blog). It's a great little behind the scenes of what life looks like when you live out of your car/tent and see nothing but long roads and beautiful landscapes everyday. Don't mind the edit... I'm a photographer, not videographer ;-)

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