14 Ways to Give Back with an Eco-Friendly Wedding

We thankfully live in an age where caring for our planet and its resources has become a major way of life for individuals and companies alike. Your wedding day allows you many opportunities to give back to your local community, those in need and even Mother Earth, if you allow it.

Check out the list below for ways to give back and go green when planning your wedding day! 🌿

tips for eco friendly green wedding that gives back

1. Use a Nonprofit Venue for your Wedding

Having your wedding and/or reception at a nonprofit venue such as a museum or historical site is a great way to give back right off the bat! You’ll be putting your money back into your community simply by booking your venue.

2. Keeping your Bling Ethical + Conflict-Free 💍

When shopping for your wedding band, or perhaps when talking to your future fiancé about what types of engagement rings you’d like, opt for lab grown, conflict free diamonds or a diamond alternative such as moissanite. Ask your local jeweler about their ethical stone options!

tips for eco friendly green wedding that gives back

3. Give Back Every 👏 Time 👏 You 👏 Shop 👏

Are you a frequent Amazon shopper? Did you know that you can give back every time you shop with AmazonSmile?! Simply pick a charity you’d like to donate to and Amazon does the rest!

GoodShop is another online source doing something similar - they’re connected with over 114,000 nonprofits and schools and not only donate almost every time you shop, but they’re a great site for coupon codes out the wazoo 😉

Both of these sites allow you to choose your own charity and change it as often as you like!

4. Hire Vendors Who Give Back

Hiring vendors that give a portion of their proceeds to charity may be a little harder to coordinate, but it’s totally worth putting in the work when you know some of that wedding money is going to a good cause!

If you’re still looking for a wedding photographer, our company donates $100 for every wedding booked to