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10 final things to do the week of your wedding

It's finally here!! The week of your wedding... what on earth should you be doing?! Don't feel overwhelmed, just follow this list of 10 Things You Should Do the Week of your Wedding!

1. First things first - let's get that work out of the way! Finish up any work projects and make sure you're all set to take the next week (or several) off from work. Set up your vacation responder on your email and clear your mind of any work so you can focus on your wedding!

2. Missing RSVPs - check in with any guests who have not RSVP'd so you can get your final head count.

10 things to do the week of your wedding

3. Inform the venue of your final headcount - now that you've checked in with your missing RSVP's you should have your final guest count. Make sure to submit this to your venue by whatever day they requested you do so (this should be found in your contract if you're unsure).

4. Make your seating chart! If any vendors require this, make sure to pass it along to them.

5. Pack up your pretty details - the guest book, cake knife, toasting glasses, etc. Give them to whoever is in charge of making sure they get where they need to go the day of.

10 things to do the week of your wedding

6. Toasts & readings - confirm with anyone who is doing a toast or reading to make sure they know what they're saying and tell them approximately when they will be speaking so they are mentally prepared!

7. Confirm rehearsal & dinner - with your venue, wedding party, family and officiant to ensure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

8. Gifts! Make sure to wrap up your wedding party gifts or gift for your soon to be spouse. If you're writing a letter or card to your significant other to read the morning of your wedding, prepare that.

9. Confirm honeymoon itinerary and pack your bags!

10. Spend time with your sweety - before you know it your wedding day will have come and gone in a whirlwind. Enjoy some quality time with your fiancé while you can!

10 things to do the week of your wedding

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