Vicki + Matt's Bowie themed wedding!

Tell me this wedding party doesn't look like a good ol' time!! 🤩🤘

The wedding party’s vibrant colors and star covered bowties, suspenders and shawls were the perfect touch on Vicki & Matt’s David Bowie Galaxy themed wedding this past April! Their wedding party attire, decor and overall wedding vibe were just a fun, colorful and outgoing as the couple themselves!! They truly had a wedding totally unique to them and I LOVED it 🖤

I’ve actually known the bride, Vicki, since we were 6th graders sharing a mutual love of all things weird and childish (aka the Teletubbies hahahaha shhhh don’t tell!). We bonded over our nerdiness and that hasn’t changed a bit in the last 20 years!! 🤣

Needless to say, this wedding held a special place in my heart getting to watch this wonderful woman marry the man she’s head-over-heels for. These two have some serious love for each other and you can’t help but see it in every moment of their big day.

Congratulations to Vicki and Matt on finding a love that will last forever 🥰 And also to the cutest little nuggets, Autumn & Ramona, who I know love Matt with all of their hearts. I’m so happy their family status is official now!!

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