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womans standing in front of mirror in lingerie putting on lipstick
woman standing against wall of flower mural pulling up on the thigh of her dress

Yes, you 
feel 25 forever


Bathtub Quickies

I’m going to let one of my clients tell you how:

“I'm going to be honest... my body and mind were feeling like an old, tired lump.  I nitpicked every little thing I didn't like about myself. I compared myself to celebrities my age... I know, I know, what I'm seeing isn't real.  But what I was feeling was


And then I took the leap - put my faith in Jaimie and what she was offering to show me, to help me find - a side of myself I hadn't seen in a long time.  Now I look back on that silly girl I once was and giggle.  If only she knew sooner the answer was as easy as a boudoir shoot.”

woman laying in clawfoot bathtub with candles and plants around her

what ifI  told you...

... that it’s okay to take the leap? That through doing the scary thing, we find confidence. How ready to take on the world and new challenges would you be?


Forget trying to picture yourself in lingerie, posing for a camera… picture the woman you’ll be after you allow yourself this freedom. This fun. This exploration of your own true beauty.


How amazing is she? I’m ready to meet her, are you?


Hi, I'm Jaimie!  From now on. you can consider me your boudoir guru and guide to self-love and empowerment through the art of boudior photography!  

I would love it if you joined my community of badass VIP Boudie Babes - simply a newsletter where we talk a bit about self-love and where you'll get access to all of my events, promotions and classes!  Plus, if you sign up and do decide to do a boudior shoot, you'll get an additional 3 images from your session - just for showing me some love 

So what do you say?

Clicking a button isn't terribly scary... and it's your first easy step on your journey to feeling ALIVE & EMPOWERED!

now picture yourself with all the confidence in the world...


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