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Rock your family photos with these 3 easy tips

With so many people to wrangle at once, it's no wonder family photos are the part of your wedding day that's most likely to be disorganized and throw you off schedule.

Unless you follow these 3 easy tips, of course 😉

big family wedding photo tips

1. Provide a group photo list to your photographer before your wedding day. Make sure they know about what makes your family unique - such as step-parents, deceased family, in-laws, etc.

Before the big day, notify any family or friends that you will want in these photos when & where you will be taking them so no one is searching for missing Aunt Rosie.

2. Pick two loud & friendly helpers to assist your photographer with rounding up each group. It's best if these helpers know both families well and can be loud.

3. Get the restless young kiddos photos out of the way first, as well as the elderly or anyone who you don't want sitting around too long. As each group finishes, they can exit and head to the cocktail hour.

big family photo at wedding with bride and groom indoor venue

As long as you're well organized and have a solid game plan, family photos should be a breeze!

Have any questions or want to chat? CONTACT ME!


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