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We went to Miami + the Everglades!

The first weekend in May, Ryan and I hopped on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to each fulfill a longtime dream: exploring the Everglades! As excited as I was to see and photograph a new national park, I also really needed this vacation to take me away from work and a perpetually busy life. So I shut off the cell phone (metaphorically - I still used it to snap some photos!) and vowed to not have my camera glued to my face. Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to photograph every detail, I don't spend enough time taking in my surroundings.... terrible habit I'm working on breaking : ) The results are here in this nice little gallery... and I was very happy to not have 1,000 vacation photos to sort through when I got home.

Hint: click on the first photo and you can browse larger images with captions!

We started our trip by driving down to Everglades National Park from the Ft. Lauderdale area. I was surprised to see the majority of the drive was through farmland and roadside farm stands! Love it : )

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK: we spent our days (attempting to) hike (it was so hot!), canoeing, fishing, and enjoying the abundance of wildlife!

MIAMI - the final stop on our getaway involved fishing in the canals of Doral, a suburb of Miami, exploring the Wynwood Art District, driving up South Beach and Miami Beach and finally settling in to our hotel room with stunning views in Bay Harbor Islands.


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