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Early Morning Fly Fishing on the Allegheny

Good morning : ) Just poppin in to share some photos from my last float down the Allegheny River in PA ... because apparently my new favorite hobby is some early mornin fly fishing photography - love it!!

I was happy we launched further down than we usually do so that I could get some fog-rich photos on a different area of the river. Our usual crew of the boys in the stealthcraft boat and me bound to my kayak was complimented by a second boat AND a second kayak on our float this time around!

The fisherman in both boats were preparing for the Beast of the East musky fly fishing tournament that would take place the following weekend. No musky made it onto any of the boats this day, but a few other fish were caught. I was distracted kayaking around with Lucy though, so I missed them all - no photos sadly.

Let me know what you think of pics below... and. you can follow any of these guys in the photos on Instagram to see more fishing photos if you fancy! @cut_b8 @streamerlove @justinjchris @streamerkingflies @esoxulator

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