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Alexandra & Wes - Married in New Mexico!

Thrilled by the thought of seeing and shooting in a new town, I arrived in Alamogordo last March for Alexandra & Wes' wedding day with a big ol' smile on my face.

That morning I walked in to a scene of perfect wedding day bliss - cake pops, mini-donuts, orange sprinkle rimmed champagne flutes and all of the girls being pampered and dolled up! The ladies and I had so much fun taking photos jumping on the bed and staging a surprise bridesmaids-crammed-in-the-bathroom-fighting-for-the-mirror photo for the bride (that's the technical name for it).

Meanwhile, just across town Wes & his groomsmen were busy putting together a race car... now that's a new one! Not exactly a typical pre-wedding activity for my grooms, but I have to say that I absolutely love it!! And am terribly jealous I wasn't there to photograph it myself. Brian got some great shots of the guys in action and with their finished product.

The ceremony took place at Grace Methodist Church right in the town of Alamogordo where both of their parents had been married! It was a beautiful traditional ceremony and the love, happiness and sheer excitement could be felt in every inch of the chapel.

Before heading to the Elks Lodge for Alex & Wes' wedding reception, we had some time to play around at the Desert Lakes Golf course right across the street . The spectacular Sacramento mountains made for a stunning backdrop... not to be outdone by this charming couple!

Alex had warned me a March wedding in New Mexico could be anywhere in the range from cold and snowy to hot and sunny (big range!). Lucky for us all, it fell right on the side of bright, sunny and warm.

I loved the little touches of Wes & Alex around the Elks Lodge - their initials and wedding date projected on the wall, the groom's cake Alex made for her husband and the little hints of their wine theme all around!

I can't believe it's only been a year since I photographed Alex & Wes' big day in Alamogordo NM... Congratulations again to the happy couple and happy one year anniversary!


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