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4 ways to showcase your boudoir photos. Plus - two fun ways to deliver them : )

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

You've rocked your boudoir session and are in love with your photos - Great! What now......?

1. First and foremost : the Photo Album! Trust me, you'll want a luxurious leather album to flip through and see all of your stunning photos in print. Albums are classic when it comes to boudoir.

Most photographers offer albums for purchase and they are more than worth the money! They're printed through high end labs that work exclusively with professional level photographers - they actually put each album together by hand! Your images are printed on archival paper, guaranteeing your album is around for a lifetime of loving and sharing. Additionally, your photographer will design your album for you. Not only saving you time, but lending a professional eye to the layout and design.

If you think everything I'm saying is bologna and just want to do it yourself 😜 Bridebox is a great site to check out or there's Etsy, with pages and pages of beautiful, handmade albums, you'll have a hard time choosing!

2. If you want to SEE your photos all the time (and why wouldn't you?!) > print and frame them! So many people have beautiful artwork hanging in their homes of artistic nudes or boudoir-like images, and they're of complete strangers! Why not display those same images of yourself?! We're all about self-love here at JEP 🖤 Hang your photos with pride and be reminded daily of your awesome boudoir adventure!

Larger sizes I recommend purchasing through your photographer for the best quality. For smaller sizes (11x14 and smaller), I love working with Buffalo company - pick up your prints the next day or have them shipped to you in a few short days. BONUS: Use the code "Tweet - Jaimie Ellis" for new accounts at and receive a free $10 print credit!

3. If you want to see your photos often, but don't want them on display in your home for every visitor to view... opt for a gorgeous, hand-made, engraved story box. This box holds prints and a usb so you can peruse your photos at your pleasure, but keep them hidden in plain site when mom and dad come for dinner 😘

Get creative with your story box! You can build your own, find a pretty box at a craft store or Home Goods, or let your photographer create a custom box just for you (if they don't offer one, ask for recommendations!).

3. Go classic with a calendar! There are plenty of sites where you can very affordably print quality calendars such as Shutterfly, OvernightPrints, or Artifact Uprising. These sites offer lots of other cute photo gift ideas - so feel free to plaster that booty all over everything! 🍑


1. Play your images in a slideshow that's rolling for your honey when they come home! Hide in another room while they watch and after the show is complete, slowly walk into the room wearing your favorite lingerie from the shoot.

2. Did someone say treasure hunt??! Using your boudoir photos as clue cards and setting it up so each clue is sexier and sexier is surely a way to not disappoint. End the treasure hunt in your bedroom where your significant other finds you wearing the lingerie that was featured in the photos 🥰

Boudoir photos make amazing gifts (I think that goes without saying). But you don't just have to do them for someone else! Take these photos for yourself - prove to YOU how much confidence and love you have for your self in body and mind.

Wanna chat about your own boudoir session? Send me a message here or call me at 716.361.6507 🖤

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