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5 Tips for Rainy Wedding Portraits that Won't Put a Damper on your Day

Updated: Apr 7

Everybody dreads it.... a rainy wedding day! But don't let the rainfall ruin your day or your photos. If the rain just won't quit and it's time to take your wedding portraits, here are a few tips to keep a smile on your face 😎

Come Prepared

UMBRELLAS ☔️ You don’t need one for every person in your wedding party - one large golf umbrella per couple works great and doesn’t overgrown your bridal party photos with umbrellas. And don't forget the cute umbrellas for your couples photos! (Unless you're working with me - then I've got you covered 😉).

CHANGE OF SHOES 🥾 Grab them galoshes - it’s time to get dirty! Or at least bring them along so your pretty wedding shoes don’t get ruined! We can always pop your pretty shoes on for some photos and then switch back to those boots while we walk around.

Outsmart the Rain

COVERAGE 🏛 Consider a location (or backup location) with shelter from the rain for your wedding party & couples photos. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do inside - find a building with a covered patio or large awning to shield you from the rain.

TIMELINE ⏰ You and your photographer can always sneak away later in the day during your reception for a few more portraits of you and your sweet if the rain is seriously curtailing your photo time.

GOOD VIBES 🧘‍♂️ Your attitude towards the weather can determine how your guests react as well - so chin up buttercup, you’re still marrying your best friend! Toss your worries aside and celebrate.


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