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4 Reasons to seek your photographer's help creating your wedding timeline

Updated: Mar 26

Ahhh creating the perfect timeline... intimidating stuff!!

But you know what, you already have (or you soon will have) an industry professional on your side - your photographer! They are a great resource to help you create a well-organized and smooth-running timeline.

Here's why.....


If your wedding day photos is important to you, than this is an easy one my friend! Have your photographer help you create a flawless timeline so that you get all of your family, bridal party and couples photos taken without feeling rushed.


Your photographer may have solutions to some of those nagging timeline problems you’re trying to work out. Have you considered a first look? Or skipping the receiving line? Your photog probably has a few tricks up their sleeve, having dealt with the same issues in past weddings.


If you don’t have a planner or coordinator, your photographer is your best resource for creating an efficient timeline! They have seen plenty of both well-run and mismanaged timelines. Use their experience to your advantage!


The more time you spend chatting with your photographer before your big day, the more comfortable you’ll be with them - resulting in you being more comfortable in front of their camera lens! Consequently, your photographer will be even more prepared for your day, knowing your detailed timeline inside and out.

Are you interested in working together to create your perfect timeline and dream wedding photos?

Contact me today to schedule a consultation!

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