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3 Reasons to turn your Wedding Photos into Tangible Goods

Updated: Apr 7

Guys, I get a little bit scared these days with the fad of receiving all of your wedding images in an online gallery or on a usb... and then nothing else is done with those magnificent photographs of a truly special day!

This is a not a modern convenience... it's an artistic injustice! Ok... maybe a little strong worded, but I'm very partial to being surrounded by all of my favorite photos 🥰

Technology is constantly changing and the usb your photographer gives you today may be rendered obsolete by the advanced gadgets of tomorrow.

Having tangible items means:

  • an album that you can show your grandkids one day

  • a collage of your favorite moments adorning a wall in the home you’ll grow old together in

  • a wooden photo memory box to hold not only photos, but all of your memorabilia from your perfect day

There are so many ways to express your uniqueness as a couple and share your wedding photos!

Read on to find out why it's important to have more than just that wedding usb or online gallery.


YOU JUST GOT MARRIED!!! Don’t you wanna shout it from the rooftops?! Hanging photos on your walls or keeping your album on your coffee table is pretty much the equivalent of shouting it daily!

So show off those photos with pride, relive all of those magical moments and re-feel all of those lovey-dovey feelings 🥰 After all, you only get married once!


Have you ever sat down with your parents or grandparents and flipped through old family albums or their wedding albums?

Didn’t that make you feel closer to your family? Like you got to relive such an important day that you originally weren’t around for? How much love were you feeling for them after that?

Having something tangible to pass down from generation to generation is a tradition we should continue to uphold - it brings families together!


We all remember those floppy disks we used to save our work on, right? Case in point.

We don’t know where technology is going… that usb may just be worthless in a few years, your wedding website could shut down. Keeping your photos in multiple mediums helps protect them against getting lost.

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